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Lomi Lomi Training – Your Journey


Learning how to lomi lomi is a lifelong journey—a path of tremendous personal growth. Like life itself, it is full of hills and valleys, but by its very healing nature, it is a spiritual path. Doing lomi is more about who you are—in body and soul—than how you perform massage. It is about your lomi work, but also your day-to-day choices, beliefs, and actions. Ultimately, it is about your purpose while you walk this Earth and navigate through all of life’s lessons.

Living and loving from the pu‘uwai (heart center) while listening to the wisdom of your na’au (gut feelings) is the path of lomi lomi. Living Aloha—compassion and unconditional love—is what makes it Hawaiian. Yet the ‘Aloha Spirit’ that Hawaiians are so well-known for must be tempered with discernment, for it is too precious to throw around.

Aunty Mahea at Lomi Lomi Class

The best way to assure you get good training in lomi lomi is to study from several well-respected teachers. In addition to lomi techniques, you should learn ho’oponopono (the art of forgiveness).To truly be able to discern and understand the many complexities and layers of human beings, you must align with spirit. You do not walk this path alone when you are truly in the healing experience. And to keep the transference of energies during massage pure, balanced, and healing, you must build up your mana (personal and authentic power) and continue to forgive and release, forgive and release, forgive and release.

A typical training will include many massage techniques, but also training in the culture, the language, healing protocol, healing plants and medicines, and ongoing work on yourself. Good teachers will help you be pono (balanced, righteous, humble, aligned) in all that you do, say, and think.

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