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Nancy's 3rd Edition Lomi eBook!

Hawaiian Lomilomi – Big Island Massage (3rd Edition)
By Nancy Kahalewai
Discover how lomi lomi can bring the feeling of Aloha into your world! This is a newly updated and revised edition of Kahalewai’s second edition of Hawaiian Lomilomi: Big Island Massage, the 2nd Ed that was published in 2005. Richly illustrated with color photos, this edition is not available in any other form. Perfect for the professional therapist or for anyone desiring to learn more about loving touch and spiritual ideas of the Hawaiian culture!

You will learn:

  • Ancient Hawaiian traditional healing concepts and culture
  • About the kupuna (respected elders) who practice lomilomi and traditional Hawaiian healing
  • Why lomilomi is so unique and effective
  • How it benefits your health and spiritual well-being
  • The practical elements of how-to-do the basic strokes

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Note: This 3rd edition is full of beautiful color photos.

Hawaiian Lomilomi – Big Island Massage (3rd Edition)

This 3rd Edition of Nancy Kahalewai’s classic Lomi Lomi Massage book – Hawaiian Lomilomi – Big Island Massage – is not available in any other format and available only here.

Price: $9.95

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Detailed Table of Contents:
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To download and read the foreword to the 3rd Edition Lomi eBook – and also to see a sample of what’s included throughout this definitive guide to traditional Hawaiian Lomi Massage, please click on the sample page above.

About Lomi Lomi:

– Lomi lomi is an ancient Hawaiian healing art form that has been practiced throughout Hawaii for generations. There are as many styles of lomilomi as there are teachers, who usually practice the unique methods of their own teachers and ancestors. Some emphasize internal cleansing, some herbal medicines, and some flowing movements, but all possess certain commonalities:

– Pule (prayer) – Whether Hawaiian or Christian, all sessions begin and end with pule. The steadfast belief in a higher power gives the lomi practitioner incredible mana and intuition.

– ‘Ili ‘ili (hot stones in motion) – Learn how to use stones, salt water, plant medicines and other tools to enhance the massage.

– Ho‘oponopono (forgiveness) – Releasing the dark “stones” of fears and hurts that have filled the soul’s “bowl of light” enables joy, healing, and peace to again flow through the body, mind and spirit. Once this is done, we are able to receive guidance from our guardians, angels, and intuition.

– The Ha (Breath) – This moment that is captured in the breath, contains all of you intention and all of your life force. If directed properly, this healing vibration transcends what happens with mere hands and physical touch.

– Massage – Compression, gliding and kneading techniques and rhythmic routines are soothing and stimulating, much like the gentle rush of ocean waves upon the shore.

What People Are Saying:

‘This book isn’t just for people who are interested in lomilomi massage – it’s a book for everybody who loves Hawaii. Kahalewai’s knowledge of the Hawaiian culture is excellent and her writing style is very fluid and enjoyable.’ – Hawaii Island Journal

‘Nancy Kahalewai introduces the reader to some eminent members of the past generation of Hawaiian healers and teachers, as well as the new generation. Her extensive research and personal experience of massage work in Hawaii make this book a significant contribution to the field. ‘The philosophy of Aunty Margaret Machado, revered master and teacher of Hawaiian lomilomi massage, is “If your hands are gentle and loving, your patient will feel the sincerity of your heart”. This helps summarize the content of Kahalewai’s text, which gives us all a glimpse into the sincerity of her own heart. ….. It is one you will want for your desktop, for it gives an in-depth review of some of the hottest topics in Hawaiian healing arts and culture.’ – Massage Magazine

[Nancy’s book] … ‘is like the Molokai wind, softly blowing over the land, caressing us all with delicate strokes, hands lingering to soothe and comfort our inner selves and satisfy our souls! This Hawaiian art is just that – soul satisfying.’ — Aunty Nona Beamer, Hawaiian Hula Instructor

Disclaimer Notice: Hawaiian Lomi Lomi: Big Island Massage 
is a reference book in a traditional Hawaiian healing art. In your pursuit of wellbeing, especially if you are ill you may need the services of a qualified health provider who understands your needs. The information in this book is not intended as a substitute for those services, nor for any treatment prescribed by your personal physician.