Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Classes

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Classes

Typically, Lomi Lomi classes usually teach one of two styles of Hawaiian Lomi Massage: Traditional or ‘Temple’ aka ‘Kahuna’. If you look into the lineage of the style, you likely will trace it back to either Aunty Margaret Machado of Kona and Uncle Kalua of Maui (traditional), or Abraham Kawai‘i of Kaua‘i (temple or kahuna bodywork). These late teachers were actively training people from the 1970s to the turn of the century.

Aunty Margaret was the first Hawaii-licensed kanaka maoli elder to teach traditional Hawaiian healing and cleansing to non-Hawaiians from her little house in Kealakekua Kona. Influenced by her California students, her nursing background, her upbringing in the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and the powerful mana of her grandfather, her style is best described as ‘traditional’ lomi lomi with a Christian flavor. Around the world, most people think of long flowing forearm strokes, profuse amounts of oil, and nudity when they think of lomi. By contrast, the ‘kahuna temple’ style was not prevalent in Hawai‘i as it was taught overseas. The early teachings were very sensual and intimate in nature, which offended the native Hawaiian elders. Today most lomi massage sessions are a contemporary blend of many styles, depending on the teacher’s own teachers and preferences. Each style offers great tools and insights as to how to give a wonderful and healing lomi lomi massage if it is done with genuine and pono intentions. Be sure to ask about what type of style a practitioner does before hand, as traditional does not require nudity as the temple style usually does.

My work is fairly “Traditional” as taught to me by the Hawaiian elders before the turn of the century here on Moku o Keawe.  Classes here in Hawaii are held twice a year on average. (See Calendar)

Why Attend Lomi Lomi Classes?

I myself find that most students yearn to understand the essence of Hawaiian teachings as well as want to learn new techniques. Most love hearing about the elders, and, on a practical level, many appreciate the techniques that utilize the forearms in an effort to save their wrists and thumbs. Lomi lomi can provide all of this … and so much more. I have found that sharing with others the highlights of my own trainings and experiences, including some cultural gems and values and chants, gives them a true and authentic experience of the power and value of these Hawaiian teachings of old.

My lomi courses also include spa techniques that can blend nicely with other modalities or can be offered as a separate menu item in any clinic or spa.

Register now with a $50 non-refundable deposit to hold your place. Be sure to specify the dates and location of the Lomi Workshop you plan to attend, as well as your name as you want it on your completion certificate.
Note: If the workshop is cancelled for any unforeseeable reason, your $50 will be refunded in full.
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