Comments we’ve received

Comments we've received

Jillian (Washington)

“The Lomi lomi class ... was truly magical and has changed my life and massage practice in a profound way. I just wanted you to know what an impact you have had on my life and my profession. Your teaching method is superb - you have such a calming and peaceful presence, combined with your expert knowledge and professionalism. I have done over 85 lomi sessions since returning home. The reaction from my clients has been 100% positive, with some of my long-time people telling me that it is ‘the best massage that they have ever had...’"

Simone (Germany)

I enjoyed our time together! I look forward to working on your German book once I get back, can't wait to see it in print. Also had time to have 2-hour massage by Daniel Albers, he is awesome.

Aunty Nona Beamer, Hawaiian Hula Instructor

[Nancy’s book] … "is like the Molokai wind, softly blowing over the land, caressing us all with delicate strokes, hands lingering to soothe and comfort our inner selves and satisfy our souls! This Hawaiian art is just that – soul satisfying."

Hawaiian Lomilomi Assn.

"Please accept our heartfelt mahalo nui loa for your presentation and generous contributions of your time and energy during our fifth annual lomilomi conference. We are continually receiving positive feedback from the participants that they thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated your talk and learning about your area of expertise."

Massage Magazine

"Nancy Kahalewai introduces the reader to some eminent members of the past generation of Hawaiian healers and teachers, as well as the new generation. Her extensive research and personal experience of massage work in Hawaii make this book a significant contribution to the field. 'The philosophy of Aunty Margaret Machado, revered master and teacher of Hawaiian lomilomi massage, is “If your hands are gentle and loving, your patient will feel the sincerity of your heart”. This helps summarize the content of Kahalewai's text, which gives us all a glimpse into the sincerity of her own heart. ….. It is one you will want for your desktop, for it gives an in-depth review of some of the hottest topics in Hawaiian healing arts and culture."

Hawaii Island Journal

'This book isn’t just for people who are interested in lomilomi massage – it’s a book for everybody who loves Hawaii. Kahalewai’s knowledge of the Hawaiian culture is excellent and her writing style is very fluid and enjoyable."

Mahalo, Jansett (California)

Thanks so much for your wonderful shepherding of all of us for this New Zealand trip!

Susan (Kauai)

“It is clear to me why you are the writer! I know there are many forms of Lomi and I respect them. I know there is much Kahu has taught and is teaching that I will never know. Now I'm understanding enough to ask you questions. I think you have learned more about temple style lomi than I did.”