Nancy's 3rd Edition Lomi eBook!

Hawaiian Lomilomi – Big Island Massage (3rd Edition) By Nancy Kahalewai Discover how lomi lomi can bring the feeling of Aloha into your world! This is a newly updated and revised edition of Kahalewai’s second edition of Hawaiian Lomilomi: Big Island Massage, the 2nd Ed that was published in 2005. Richly illustrated with color photos, this edition is not available in any other form. Perfect for the professional therapist or for anyone desiring to learn more about loving touch and spiritual ideas of the Hawaiian culture!

Lomi Lomi Videos

We are delighted to offer you our Lomi Lomi Videos – a Lomi Training DVD set called "Hawaiian Lomilomi – Big Island Massage". Our Lomi Lomi videos are delivered to you on high quality DVDs and comprise a two-part lomi training series that covers all of the techniques and principles that you'll need to deliver an authentic full-body Lomilomi massage, as well as the Hawaiian values and elders who contributed to them.


The techniques that the Elders showed me


Infusing Aromatherapy and Lomi for the Spa Setting


Using Heat and Non-Intrusive Techniques



Can't decide which to try? No worries, Nancy combines modalities based on what you and your body need at the time of your visit.

To arrange a massage session or class in any of these techniques, contact Nancy by email or phone: +1 (808) 968-8108 (in Hawaii).


Nancy's new book, due out in late 2017, is a captivating story of decades of adventures on the Big Island as she trained for the journey that is lomilomi. Based on a true story, it is infused with travels into valleys and up mountains and everywhere in between as she met and learned from amazing elders, gifted healers, and a few tricksters along the way. Rich with lessons and humor, it is ultimately the story of discovering one's heart and soul along the healing path of blossoming into the depth and transformative world of lomilomi.